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Dorkpool Dorkpool 15 June 2014

The Coming War

I have decided to go to war against Inglip and his followers. He cannot rule the world. He must let humans rule the world, and have humans kill everyone in the world. (After that's done, sure, what the hell, Inglip can have the world)

I have asked for help from Palin University, better known as the University of Idaho. (I Googled "Palin University", and that popped up) Hopefully, they will heed my request for help.

If not, I fear for the fate of the world.

I shall update my logs on my fight against Lord Inglip.

Hail Hydra, and stay strong.

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Gropagas Citivari Gropagas Citivari 13 January 2012

First Post

Greetings, people of the world. I am Citivari. Please contact me about any questions you may have about Teisnas, Inglip, or myself.

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