Bulamer is a figure in the Saga of Jacklu that is notable for guiding Jacklu through the jungles of Auguol and ultimately sacrificing himself to save Jacklu's life.

Who was Bulamer?Edit

It is unknown if Bulamer was created by Inglip for the purpose of guiding Jacklu or if he was an inhabitant of the jungle who was divinely inspired by the Dark Lord.


He appears hunched over, long-limbed, and disheveled, suggesting a feral lifestyle and possible simian ancestry. However, because there is only one surviving manuscript depicting him, this is just speculation.


When assassins of Daniss were sent to kill Jacklu, Bulamer threw himself in the line of fire, taking the full force of the projectile through his chest. Before dying, he told Jacklu how to leave the wilderness, as well as where he could find the Great Weisima.

Reverence among gropagasEdit

Because of his sacrifice for Jacklu (and ultimately for the cause of Inglip), Bulamer is deeply respected and revered among gropagas.

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