Duarks are dragon-like creatures that inhabit the Deadlands of Trathira.


The average duark is at least 10' (slightly over 3 meters) tall and is covered in black, iridescent scales. Its head is usually crested by two long horns, and its eyes are either green, red, purple, or blue. It is commonly said among gropagas that a duark's mood can be determined by its eye color.

The duark commonly attacks by spewing fire from its maw, spitting sulphuric acid, or scratching with its razor sharp claws.

Cultural SignificanceEdit

Duarks are simultaneously feared and revered by gropagas for their cunning and power. In exceptionally rare occurences, an especially renowned or favored gropaga warrior may choose his or her own duark. However, training a duark requires years of time and both physical and mental strength, so the legendary duark riders are far and few in between. However, there exists an elite Duarkrider Corps in the Grisidly Army, one of the most important and experienced corps in the army.

The only written instance of a duark rider in recent times was the tale of the unnamed gropaga sent to slay the Wingana. Considering the Wingana's power over wind, it can be argued that duarks are just as powerful, if not more.

Duarks' only fear is the Duarkborn, a legendary warrior who can slay them with ease and absorb their souls to become stronger.

It is also believed that a feral duark attacked Icsten on his pilgrimage through the Deadland.


  • The duark is actually one of many monsters in the Bakugan franchise.

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