Jacklu approaches the abomination.

"'The Great Weisima!' I called, 'Come forth in the name of Inglip! Face your death upon my sword!'" - Jacklu, right before destroying the vile beast

The Great Weisima was a fearsome beast that made its lair in an enormous cave in the jungles of Auguol. It was slain by the Gropagan hero Jacklu with the help of Inglip.


According to the depiction in the original Jacklu manuscript, the Great Weisima is an immense worm creature with gargantuan pincer-like forearms. It is not known just how much larger the beast may have been.

The beast possessed three bulging eyes, positioned at about 1, 6, and 11 on its round, clock-shaped face. In its center lay a gaping maw ringed with sharp teeth.

Etymological disputeEdit

Scholars dispute whether or not Weisima refers to the beast's given name or its species, and are on the hunt for any lesser weisimas.

Battle against JackluEdit

The Great Weisima was to be slayed by Jacklu as part of his test of loyalty and servitude to Inglip. It is not known why Inglip wanted the beast to be slain.

Jacklu took one of its eyes as a trophy, but it is not known what happened to the eye after it was given to Inglip.

Religious and cultural significanceEdit

Jacklu's triumph over the beast is a popular motif in Gropagan art, literature, and song.

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