The Appearance of Imecish

Imecish (a.k.a. the Dark Messiah) is the second prophet and the son (although this is unclear) of Inglip. For unknown reasons, he has ordered his son to remain in seclusion, which resulted in a severe grounding after his appearance on Tutlent Eve.


  • To this day, Imecish has made no prophecies due to his grounding.


  • As Inglip himself, in the recaptchas, has only officially acknowledged Lakorta and Opeoppla as his offspring, Imecish may be adopted or otherwise unrelated to the Dark Lord by blood, and hence not directly his son. Inglip may have sent Imecish into seclusion in order to hide this "mistake" from the rest of the world.


  • "But daaaaaaaaaaaad!" ~Imecish complains about being grounded.

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