Jacklu, in full Gropagan regalia, holding the eye of the slain Weisima.

Jacklu is a gropaga notable in the Gropagan mythos for slaying the Great Weisima and being the eponymous hero of the saga that bears his name, The Saga of Jacklu.

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Jacklu's life before being called into service by Inglip, however it is said he was present at the naming of the minor prophet, Irchst.

Inglip's CallEdit

During one visit to Inglip's shrine, Jacklu prayed that he might one day be able to prove himself worthy of being called a Gropaga. The Dark One ordered him to kill the Great Weisima, the scourge of the distant jungles of Auguol. Pledging not to return until he had brought back the Weisima's eye as a trophy, Jacklu voyaged to distant lands.


Not much is known about Jacklu's journey before his arrival in Auguol. The hero described the distant land as being covered in thick, impenetrable greenery that suffocated anyone who tried to traverse it. Finding himself unable to cross the thick jungles, Jacklu appealed to Inglip for aid, and the creature Bulamer was sent (or created) as a guide.

Shortly thereafter, Bulamer and Jacklu found themselves among bad company—assassins sent by Daniss. The heretics attacked, but Bulamer threw himself in the line of fire so that Jacklu would be able to continue on his journey. He died, but not before revealing a path out of the jungle and the way to the Weisima's lair.

Slaying the Great WeisimaEdit

Bulamer also revealed the location of a tablet inscribed with Plasper words from Inglip himself that would invigorate Jacklu, allowing him to kill the beast. Before making his way to the beast's lair (an immense cave), Jacklu read from the tablet and was imbued with the power of Inglip. His sword glowed with a powerful aura.

Standing at the mouth of the Weisima's lair, Jacklu challenged the beast, certain that he would win. The aberration crawled out from its lair, and with a great leap, Jacklu plunged his blade into the monster's heart—killing it with one blow of his holy blade.

Return and TriumphEdit

Jacklu returned to Inglip, clad in a now bloodstained clothume and triumphantly holding the beast's eye in one hand. Inglip bestowed him with the title of gropaga, the Plasperian name "Nestle Kilita," and permanently imbued his sword with the immense power from the tablet.

Reverence among gropagasEdit

Because of his deeds, Jacklu is well revered among the faithful. He is commonly referred to as "the bane of the Weisima," "Champion Jacklu," "the Blade of Inglip," and is seen as an example to aspire to.

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