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"Lakorta - the son of Inglip and wielder of his trident." ~Jharkness the historian, The Inglipnomicon

Gropagas were first told of the Son of Inglip when he ordered a Gropaga to obtain a trident for his son. The context of the gift is unknown, however, Rolful 3:16 states that Lakorta's trident was given to him for the purposes of making "whosoever not believeth in him [Inglip] perish, and perish everlasting." Because of this esoteric passage, Lakorta is interpreted as being a warlike figure, however, Rolful 3:16 is not accepted by all Gropagas as canon.

Canonicity of Rolful's scriptureEdit

Rolful was a minor apostolic prophet of Inglip, one not mentioned in any of Inglip's revelations heretofore (interestingly, not even in the revelation where Inglip names many of the original prophets). Thus, it cannot be claimed with certainty that Rolful was taking Inglip's word without embellishment. As with most religious and apostolic scripture, some caution must be taken regarding literal belief of these prophetic words. Some believe that Rolful was a trickster, willfully misleading those who would more intently follow Inglip's word, though some fully trust Rolful's strictly war-mongering stance, claiming it to be "more in line" with how Inglip presents himself the majority of the time.

Reverence to LakortaEdit

The sclivel, a polearm weapon used by the devotees and armies of Inglip, is modeled after Lakorta's Trident. Although not as powerful as the original due its being mass produced nature, it is still a powerful weapon to wield nonetheless. The most prominent users of the trident are the soldiers of the Sclivel corps which they use a more stylistic version of the weapon and it is also part of their war flag along with a fist holding it.

  • A basic sclivel made out of carved metal plate and wrapped with red dyed cloths for extra grip.
  • The Sclivel corps' war flag.
  • A common Sclivel corps soldier.
  • An army of Sclivel corps soldiers standing by and awaiting orders.

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