Leanex was a captcha entity that communicated with mortals through blue reCaptchas.

Not much is known about Leanex, except that he was hostile to Inglip and the Dectrip Faith, envisioning a world of peace and love by eliminating the competition and appeared to have an addiction to weed. He seemed able to convert Gropagas to his will in a way similar to Chydrego's. A follower of Leanex has declared that his followers be called Xadyind, the Envoys of Leanex through their international broadcasting station 'Radio Tiongook'.

His followers wore a blue version of the Clothume. The number of followers on reddit is still only just over 100, despite his demise.

Also, it seems that the Xadyind Fourpor owes Leanex 156 Bablunts, and this distracted the Water Lord from attacking Inglip and the Gropagas.

Piracy in TrathiraEdit

On the 25th of April 2011, Inglip warned his gropagas that Leanex's followers will be using piracy in order to pillgae Trathirian port towns and merchant vessels. The first known pirate captain is Nediste, who leads a small flotilla of pirate ships. So far their main targets are ships carrying gold and money.

Leanex's True FormEdit

On the 27th of June 2011, Leanex revealed his true form. He is a blue Leviathan.

The true form of Leanex himself! Yaaarrr!

Leanex's ArsenalEdit

  • Nuclear Bombs (unknown quantity)


Leanex, the Great Leviathan, was killed by Inglip in the Great Battle of Trathira. This made his followers lose the will to fight and let themselves die at the hands of Gropagas.

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