The castle of the Ancients lost by Inglip ten centuries ago. The Dark Lord is currently embroiled a war to reclaim it led by his trusted general, Lord Dentases.

The Monzol WarEdit

Magshea, when it was still in the hands of the gropagas was sieged by invanding Monzol forces, coming in from the South East. Desperatley low on food, equipment and manpower, a lone Gropaga rode through the Monzol ranks, slaughtering everything in his path with his Sclivel. Wounded, he managed to reach Tiongraf and beeseched Inglip to send reinforcements. Inglip's response was the dreaded Tanklown, a half-tank, half-clown. Using the Monzols age old fear of clowns, when it arrived at Magshea, none stood to battle it. It destroyed most of the Monzol army and much of Magshea. The Monzols retreated further East and the Gropagas began to rebuild Magshea. ( )

The beginning of the siegeEdit

Dentases and a large contingent of the Grisidly Army were sent to Magshea to wrench it from the control of General McLenne, an old archenemy back from Lord Inglip's days as king of Diagral over a millenia ago.

The results of the siege (thus far)Edit

On 1/11/11 (also known as Tutlent Day), Lord Dentases was sent to Magshea, located hundreds of miles from Trathira in the realm of Diagral, and has sent word to the Dark Lord aside from a report that McLenne amassed an army of his own in anticipation of the Gropagan attack. Upon hearing the news of this from Lord Dentases, Inglip famously responded, "goddam McLenne."

From this reply, it is assumed that rather than being a bitter enemy, McLenne is seen as more of a friendly rival of Inglip's, though more research into the Gropagan scripture must be done and more prophecy must be uncovered before the truth is finalized.

Lost communication with Lord DentasesEdit


It has been a day since Lord Dentases contacted Inglip and the Gropagas at Trathira with news of his Diagralic Campaign. It is expected that there is a bitter battle occuring, but since there has been no reply from Lord Dentases, neither the campaign's success nor the current ownership of Castle Magshea are not certain.

It is entirely possible that the contingent of the Grisidly army that has been sent to take Magshea has been anihilated, or that the two armies eliminated each other and that Magshea has been torn down to the ground as a result of the bitter fighting, or at least that Dentases's couriers have been killed before reaching Trathira with news of his proggress..

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