Opeoppla is the prophesied second offspring and daughter of Inglip. She is currently inside the womb of Zaill Beckett who was chosen by Inglip himself to give birth to the child until July. The dark lord has prophesied that Opeoppla will in time, become the empress of Trathira and prevent the end times by using her innate ability to control time itself.


  • It has been stated in the recaptcha of the comic that Opeoppla is Inglip's second daughter. It could be speculated that the first born was Lakorta since he is the first offspring to be officially stated by Inglip himself.
  • Due to this fact, Imecish's status as Inglip's son is now being questioned since the dark lord hasn't officially stated this in the recaptcha of his comic strip that he is one.

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  • Lakorta - First offspring and wielder of Inglip's trident.
  • Zaill Beckett - Future birth-mother of Opeoppla.

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