Plasper in writing

Plasper is a language isolate, commonly thought to be from beyond this plane of existence. It is said that it was created by Inglip himself and it is somehow simultaneously the harshest sounding and most beautiful language ever spoken. It is written in an unknown script that is only known to initiated Gropagas.

Known Plasper WordsEdit

"Blummet ler" - Interjection, to be put at the end of prayers to Inglip.

"Ing-" - prefix meaning "Dark/Holy/Great". Found in the names Inglip, Inglar, and Inglett, as well as "Ingday."

"ErallyIm"- Literally meaning "Inglip pardons you"

"Fick Eya "- the Plasper equivalent of " Fuck yeah "

"Sclivel" - n. Dark lance/trident / v. to strike someone with a sclivel.

"Clothurne" - n. Blood (colored) robe. Alternative spelling: "Clothume"

"Appope" - n. A noble gropaga. / n. the noble robe / adj. Noble

"Trathira" - n. Land of the Tall Mountain. / n. The country of Trathira.

"Illosell" - n. Dark Pillar of Inglip

"Grisidly" - adj. Unstoppable or Grizzly / n. Inglip's main army

"Almising" - n. Infidel

"Diagral" - n. Northern Pass

"Dectrip" - n. Truth

"Beetorda" - n. Paradise

"Wlemo " - v. to Convert

"Idedcrmm" - n. Hamburger

"Recupork" - n. Bacon

"Likta Swiss" - n. Swiss Cheese

"Ankow" - n. (and) Cow

"Camoble" -. Chaos

"Deatland" - n. The Deadlands or Deadland

"Wingana" - n. wind horse

"Forksen"- n. twilight

"Mhnà"-n. penis

"Nadslob" - n. jeans

Attempts at TranslationEdit

Usually, individual Plasper words are translated by asking Lord Inglip what they mean directly, by consulting with another entity, such as Gugal, or by using one's own reasoning, but the Plasper language as a whole is generally considered to be beyond mortal understanding. Nevertheless, brave Gropagas sometimes attempt large-scale translations. Examples of this include Erivandi's attempt to translate an entire Plasper Calendar and, far more impressively, MinecraftMan1's attempt to create a complete translation of the Plasper language.

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