The Sclivel is the holy weapon of choice for followers of Inglip.

It is modeled after the trident bestowed upon Inglip's son Lakorta, though since this version is mass-produced for all Gropagas to use in battle, it is much less powerful and simpler in design than the original trident. Regardless, it is still a powerful weapon to wield. It is so widely popular within the armies of Inglip that it almost rivals the other weapon-of-choice, the seven falchions.

Usage in BattleEdit

The sclivel is prized by Gropagan warriors due to its long reach (standard issue sclivels can be as tall as a man, sometimes even taller) and ability to trap and potentially break the blades of enemy units. Smaller sclivels can be used for throwing purposes.

See AlsoEdit

  • Lakorta - Wielder of the original trident.
  • The Seven Falchions - a symbolic set of swords carried by some gropagas.
  • The Pailbat - an odd weapon often used to capture escaped prisoners.
  • Guidebook Ramora - The only weapon against the enemy Tracker.

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  • A basic sclivel made out of carved metal plate and wrapped with red dyed cloths for extra grip.
  • The Sclivel corps' war flag.
  • A common Sclivel corps soldier.
  • An army of Sclivel corps soldiers standing by and awaiting orders.
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