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Scutica riding his steed into battle

Scutica is a powerful ally of Inglip who is commonly represented as a hooded demon known as the Dethroner of Gods.

When the gropagas realized that they could not fell Inglip's uncle, Postriso, Scutica was summoned to complete the task.

comic where she appears:


Scutica is often depicted in an equestrian pose. He rides into battle on his flaming white steed, brandishing an immense falchion in two hands. A blood-red cloak obscures his face, which some say was supposedly ripped as punishment from gazing at the face of a god—before he killed it.


Scutica is the Latin word for "instrument of punishment" or "whip", which is a fitting description for the Dethroner of Gods. It is also the name of a whip used by the Romans, called scutum. The scutum was a multi-tailed whip adorned with lead balls used for punishment and battle.