Sure_Ill_Draw_That (pronounced as the phrase "Sure I'll draw that."; a.k.a. SIDT) is a famous and loyal Gropaga. He is known for his artistic prowess such as the sketching of the great Popcine and designing the first Appope; a special robe for high ranking Gropagas.


Before Inglip's summoning, "SIDT" was a popular Redditor, known (and made) for drawing out stories and comments mentioned on the website. When Inglip summoned him into the faith, other Gropagas welcomed him with much gratitude.

Shortly after being summoned into the faith, SIDT went on to win Reddit's 2010 'Novelty Account of the Year.' There has been speculation that this was the doing of the Holy Inglip, as SIDT fell into his favour during the first task.

At this stage, he is the only Gropaga known to either wear sunglasses or be assigned an Appope of any level.


Sketching the PopcineEdit

On the 14th of January, SIDT was summoned into the faith by Inglip. He was assigned the task to sketch the infamous Popcine, from the infamous Dereden Isle.

When tales of his triumph reached the gathering place of the Gropagas, many a cheer rang into the air. In response to the many questions asked of his time on the Dereden Isle, he revealed that he had tamed The Popcine.

Inglip was pleased, and SIDT was hailed as the rider of the Popcine.

Designing the Appope RobeEdit

On the 16th of January, SIDT asked Inglip on what the high ranking Gropagas or the Appope should wear to make them stand out above the rest of the other Gropagas. The dark one then suggested that their robes should be adorned with quanit branches. Thus SIDT weaved a medium clothume with golden branches and trims on it was made with him as the first wearer of the new design.


  • He is also responsible for contributing many drawings for Reddit's mascot; The Reddit alien.

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