The Belkers

The dreaded Belker of the Glasted Labyrinth

The Belkers are elemental creatures made from smoke, ash and grit. They are evil creatures, but if left alone they will most likely not get involved with the deals of men and keep to themselves. However if it is angered it will attack, mostly using its claws and razor sharp teeth, but the cruelest way that a belker kills someone is by manifesting in gas form, having itself inhaled by its prey and then solidifiying inside the victim, tearing it apart. Coughing it out is the only way to save yourself from this terrible fate. They have both a solid form (pictured right) and a smoke form.

The gropagan tragic (and very gullible) hero Maysic was tasked with acquiring one for Inglip. It resided in the Glasted Labyrinth and after many traveled miles, Maysic confronted it and was subseqently ripped apart in mere seconds.

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