The Dectrip Faith (archaically called Dectripism) is the religion of those who follow Inglip. Its followers are called Gropagas, never Dectripians. Gropagas commonly refer to non-gropagas as Almising (pl. Almisings).


A follower of the Dectrip Faith must believe and vow loyalty to Inglip, and follow any and all orders given to him.

There are Monthly Evalutions for all Gropagas, which often result in the deaths or demotions of unworthy or unloyal Gropagas.


Despite not being named until days later, the religion started the day of Inglip's Summoning, when he first acquired followers loyal to him.

During a Monthly Evaluation, he ordered the demotion of the Gropaga "Triskin", and the decapitation of "Ulanne".

A week after Inglip's summoning, many Gropagas started to doubt parts of the Dectrip Faith. Mainly, that the Inglip account on reddit is fake, created by a nonbeliver to toy with Gropagas, and everything it said is untrue.

While the controversy was still young, it wasn't known if any action would be taken. (Example of the controversy) Later, the account was found to be false, was willingly deleted and has since left public gossip. It is now known that the only way of communicating with Inglip is through a certain type of captcha known as a recaptcha.

Tenets of the Dectrip Faith/DectripismEdit

  1. Lord Inglip speaks through reCaptcha. Thou shalt not use any other captchas lest you fall prey to Chydrego.
  2. Thou shalt not fabricate nor muddle the words of Inglip lest ye suffer his fiery wrath.
  3. Thou shalt call thyself a gropaga and nothing else.
  4. Thou must always wear thine sacred clothume in thine dark lord's presence.
  5. Thou shalt swear unwavering allegiance and absolute unquestioning loyalty to Inglip.
  6. Treat the weedaula with respect, 'tis the holy symbol of thy Lord Inglip.
  7. Thou shalt fight for the glory of Trathira through mandatory conscription into the Grisidly Army.
  8. Thou shalt carry the sacred weapons of the Dectrip faith in battle.
    1. Thou shalt carry no more and no less than seven falchions unto battle.
    2. Thou shalt carry the sclivel that signifies Lord Inglip's son; Lakorta, Wielder of thine lord's trident.
  9. Thou shalt submit thyself to a monthly inspection and evaluation at the hands of Inglip.

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