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The Mantank as it unleashes its monstrous fury upon the Satyrs and the Werveles.

The Mantank is a massive, gruesome, mechanical/biological construction made by Inglip using the Cursed Forge and the souls of his fallen enemies which were most likely the Satyrs who were being slaughtered at the time. It was constructed to aid Inglip's army slay the mighty Werveles; protector of the race of one of Inglips enemies, the Satyr. It made quick work of it with its flamethrower arms once it was deployed unto the battlefield along with an escort of gropagan warriors wielding falchions, pailbats and scivels and a whip wielding beastmaster to handle the giant.


It is a gigantic bleeding monstrosity about 15.3 meters in height with a human upper-half and a tank platform on the lower-half. The skin that is covering the upper half of its body seems to have been partially stitched unto the giant and seems to be constantly bleeding on the exposed edges of the skin covering. How much mechanical or biological it is on the inside is unclear. A red metallic "hood" with a golden weedaula sign on its forehead is attached on top of its head which makes the monster resemble a giant gropagan acolyte. The metallic skull underneath is exposed from the right half of its face which is most likely battle damage. 4 blades, 2 on each shoulder, are piercing out of its skin which probably acted as anchors for the skin covering and a ramming tool.


It has a large cannon protruding through the center of its chest and acts as its main artillery weapon which is most likely used for large targets such as buildings, battleships, and other giant creatures. A giant flamethrower is in place of where its left hand should be and is lethally effective against large clusters of enemy soldiers and giant furry creatures such as the Werveles. It wields a giant knife on its right hand which is 3 to 4 times larger than an average human which it uses for melee combat or as a thrown weapon. Besides its obvious weapons systems, it can also use its massive tank tracks and enormous weight to crush a platoon of foot soldiers beneath its "feet".

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