The Prookea is a tree-like creature that walks on two legs and has a tendency toward displays of machismo, such as flexing. The Prookea is known to have been summoned at least once before, but much to the summoner's chagrin, they continue to forget how they did it the first time, and thus require a reminder from Lord Inglip.


The Prookea has many of the features of a tree, such as a healthy canopy of leaves covering the top of its shoulders, and a brown complexion. In addition, it has a menacing face in the middle of its torso, rooty legs and feet, and bulging, masculine biceps--a fact of which the Prookea is quite aware.



The Prookea's second summoning

Saying, or shouting "Prookin" summons the creature if it's needed at the time. It is appearantly easy to forget.


  • "The Prookea is certainly a beautiful creature." - spoonstab
  • "Truly, our enemies' guns will be no match for his." - allwaysnice
  • "Aye, The beast is a wonder to behold, Lord Inglip's name be praised." - r33-Netichr
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