Inglip's mysterious message.

On the 11th of July 2011, Lord Inglip sent Gropagas a cryptic message.

It showed the lower half of some sort of seal, which said "Deus-Patria-Lux", and the word "tioneenf".

Many have tried to understand the Dark Lord's message, but they didn't succeed.

The Gropaga TaoDao was at least able to find the Seal's origin: it was the emblem of Bluefield College, a Christian college located in Virginia.

The meaning of the word "tioneenf" is still unknown. Some believe that it is the name of some kind of special forces located at the college which can be used to help the Grisidly Army. Some believe that it is a forgotten district of Tiongraf. Some even believe that the words "Deus-Patria-Lux" are a reference to Chydrego, the Captcha God of Light, Inglip's old nemesis, and thus Tioneenf was just one of his weapons.

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