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The seven falchions are a set of seven curved blade swords that are carried by the gropagan army along with the Sclivel polearm. Inglip has declared that seven should be carried at all times. This number of swords might symbolize a sacred number for the dark lord. They are made of a special metal alloy, so the falchions are rather light and easy to swing, but also very hard to break. Because of the curved blade it is possible for a falchion to cut through bone.


The swords are usually holstered on the back in a fan/wing like formation making the owner appear fearsome and formidable. Two falchions (one on each hand) are usually used in combat while the rest of the set are reserved in case the first two are lost or destroyed. Skilled seven falchions users often use the spare swords as spinning projectiles and is often thrown in a similar fashion as a boomerang (minus the come back) either horizontally or vertically. The most skilled of fighters enter a state of blinding speed in battle, unleashing a flurry of frenzied strikes, contrasting with the calm, precise strikes of the Yadvans.

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