The Ticitant was a mighty demon steed, born in the underworld and bestowed with the powers of fear and bloodlust. The Ticitant had no master and it roamed the dark corners of the world, skulking in the dark woods and lonely mountain tops, arriving only when blood was being shed in battle, where it would commence in slaughtering both sides. The Ticitant became a symbol for death, misery and war. It was incredibly fast, and its eyes, nostrils and it's gaping maw burned with fire. A millennia ago, before our time, the Ticitant was somehow, by means unknown, slain in battle, and it's body was devoured by the earth. The site of its last battle soon became a cursed and haunted place, where the red moon always shines, and where the trees are black and dead, and never grow leaves. The steed was raised from the dead by the Gropaga general mage, Hirne, who now rides it into battle for Inglip.

Currently, he can be seen in battle at the occupied port of Lionhe, along with the Grisidly Army.

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