Tiongraf is the capital of Trathira, located atop the immense plateau surrounding Mt. Illosell. It was founded by Inglip on January 12, 2011 (Troplas) and boasts a population of over 10,000 Gropagas and millions of undocumented war prisoners.


Millennia ago, after the return of Inglip to the mortal plane, the first gropagas established the city-state of Trathira on the foothills of Mt. Illosell. After centuries of conquest, the tiny city-state expanded at an exponential rate, and eventually included much of the surrounding plains and grasslands. The name "Trathira" was applied to the entire kingdom, while the sprawling metropolis that winded its way up the mountainside and the plateau was renamed "Tiongraf."

Landmarks in Tiongraf include:

  • The Colosseum
  • The Monzol District
  • Inglip's Palace
  • Inglar's Office Building
  • The High Sacrificial Altar
  • The Shrine to Inglip
  • The Loini Library
  • The Sclivel Manufacturing Plant
  • The Avenue of Prophets and Heroes
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