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Trathira (Plasper: Land of the Tall Mountain) is the historical homeland and holy land of the gropagas. It is also the name used by historians to refer to the empire of Inglip.


Trathira is an immensely mountainous realm dominated by the Central Trathirian Mountain Range, which is in turn dominated by the lofty Mt. Illosell. On its north, it is separated by the kingdom of Diagral by the Northern Shield, a rugged mountain range that is only passable through the treacherous Daniss Pass.

To the South, Trathira's arable land is found in the form of flood plains clustered around the outskirts of the Belamm Swamps that separate it from the jungles of Auguol. An as of yet unnamed region or country is located to the northwest of Trathira, across an unnamed bay. The West is a heavily populated and littered with villages, towns and farming communities due to the fertile land.


The history of Trathira dates back millennia to the first appearance of Inglip on the mortal plane. The first gropagas established a city-state by the name of Trathira on the foothills of Mt. Illosell, and gradually expanded their borders through centuries of warfare and conquest against the surrounding Monzol, Diagralian, and Pollatil tribes.

Gradually, the borders of Trathira grew large enough that the name was applied to the entire kingdom, and the capital, Tiongraf, was established. As Tiongraf expanded into a sprawling metropolis, gropagan settlers moved westward and eastward to establish settlements such as Lionhe, Freetown, Unbrooda, and Goggley Dock.

Though Trathira continues to expand, it is currently in a brutal campaign to reclaim the region of Diagral, which has separated into its own independent kingdom.


The warlike culture of Trathira is readily apparent within its citizens. Trathira's population is made up of mostly enslaved warriors and peoples (known as Eedrs or Almisings) from surrounding enemy nations, who work on farms and factories and a gropagan upper-class dominates all aspects of life, something that the low class fight to change.

Inglip's palace is located in the capital, Tiongraf, which is a hub of cultural, technological, and intellectual advancement.


Macintosh Coffee is a vital part of the Trathiran economy, it is overpriced and sold internationally for funding. It has also been suggested by Gropagas that the purpose of the product is to "round up Hipsters in one spot" and conduct "Hipster Genocide". Inglip has also demonstrated interest in constructing a Starbucks in Trathiran borders.

The currency of Trathira is the bablunt.


Landmarks of TrathiraEdit

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