A Weedaula is a Gropagan holy symbol revealed to Consfone of Trathira on Tutlent Day 2011 (or Troplas, depending on a gropaga's time zone) by Inglip.

It is a series of blotch-like, intertwining lines believed to form a myriad of shapes, including a brain cell, a pair of antlers, and a DNA strand.

The weedaula is commonly sewn on clothumes, made into charms and talismans to be worn around the neck, and carved into sclivel hilts and prongs to show reverence to the Dark One.

Revelations[edit | edit source]

Lord Inglip revealed to Consfone the Sage that he should seek a testimony from Synnis, an elder gropaga, about the meaning of the Weedaula. Upon hearing Synnis' testimony, Consfone realized that a caffeine molecule bears a non-coincidental resemblance to the Weeduala.

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