Wozealso cake

First ever communique mentioning Wolzealso cake.

'Plasper: Wozealso.

"Deliver, Maius, Wozealso cakes." -Inglip to Maius on his task.

Wozealso :Wozealsos are large semi-creature plants with cakes growing on their arms called Wozealso cakes. The base of the plant resembles a large and thick brown shoe with a simple straight trunk and vines resembling red bushwillows
Wozealso cake2

The Wolzealso Plant as illustrated by famous Gropagan botanist Esurersi Tionthey.

with its fruit hanging from the tips of the vines. It has its habitat in the humid thick forests of Auguol in southern Trathira. Many nomads seek these plants for its rich and delicious fruit. Wozealsos are related to Pyrawas.

They are known to throw their cakes when threatened which upon impact explode.

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