Wozealso cake is the blessed, albeit dangerous fruit suitable for many uses such as weaponry and food. It's plucked from the Wozealso.

Use as foodEdit

As one of the most common food in Trathira the Wozealso is treated with respect by Gropagas due to being blessed by lord Inglip and because of its extreme danger. The taste is said to resemble Custard and cooked grass while keeping the consistency of snot. Contracting the Pyrawan disease will allow the gropaga to approach and harvest the plant's fruit.

Danger and use as weaponEdit

The fruit is both highly flammable and explosive. Upon impact, the cake-like fruit explodes creating a

File:Cluster bombs victim.jpg
blast yield of approximately 2 sticks of dynamite. The Pailbat is often used to either sling or bat the cakes towards the target.
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